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Library Volunteers

Why volunteer?

Over the years, Devon Library Service have been forced to make cuts in the service provided and the volunteers are helping to reduce the impact of these cuts by increasing the opening hours and supporting the library staff. Currently (in Oct 2019) we are:

Opening the library on Tuesday mornings for a volunteer only session – Library Extra. 

Providing a children’s reading period on Tuesday afternoon.

Providing a helper during busy times on Saturday morning.

Ways you can help

We presently have some 25 volunteers.  The transfer of the building to the Friends and the wish to enhance the services and events in the library may mean more jobs for the volunteers.  

As of now, we don’t really know what all these jobs will be but we would certainly welcome more people.  If you are not certain about volunteering, just come along and talk to me or one of the library staff. Obviously, we or the library staff will do what training is needed. 

How to Volunteer

If you would like to add your name to the list of volunteers, please speak to:
Sylvia Benton Tel: 01297 552140

Charitable Company reference number: EW39477  Library telephone number: 01297 552514
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